Zest! is the first sparkling wine closure with certified zero-carbon footprint

Zest! is the world’s first sparkling wine closure that eliminates the risk of TCA and is one whole, solid piece. This award-winning innovation comes through precise and careful engineering to solve the persistent problems that many sparkling winemakers face today. Zest! is fully recyclable and made using our PlantCorc® Technology.

Now there is a better solution

Sparkling wine producers can rest well at night knowing that their wines will be perfectly sealed by Zest! No risks of leaking, crumbling or disk separation. No fear that a consumer will have a bad experience due to the off-taste of TCA. And, we are not just saying this – we guarantee it!

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Zest! uses renewable, plant-based polymers derived from sugar cane. Made with food grade materials that protect flavor, color and aroma, Zest! was designed by the same team of innovators at Nomacorc, who created Select® Bio, the world’s first zero-carbon footprint still wine cork.

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