What makes Nomacorc wine closures                   a superior choice? Consistency.

Our patented co-extrusion technology creates unique synthetic wine corks with a foamed inner core and a flexible outer skin. These two elements work hand in hand to create predictable and consistent wine preservation performance.

  • Our wine closures are sustainably made from materials derived from sugarcane and are produced using our PlantCorc technology.
  • The core of Nomacorc wine closures is a breathable air filter that allows optimum control of oxygen transfer through the closure. It is made using 70% of the world’s most abundant resource – AIR.
  • The outer flexible skin provides an airtight seal with the bottle neck, protecting the wine while providing the traditional appearance and opening ceremony associated with natural cork.
  • No glue is ever used in the manufacturing of Nomacorc closures. In addition, all Nomacorc closures are fully recyclable.
  • For a complete list of Polemic substances absent from our closures, click here >>
  • BPA-free—Read our white paper about BPA and Nomacorc closures here >>


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How does co-extrusion work?   View a video of our manufacturing technology >>

Beyond controlling a wine’s development through the closure, it is essential to manage the right amount of oxygen acquired throughout the winemaking process. This ensures optimal flavor and aroma development. From crush to bottling, Nomacorc’s oxygen analyzers help manage and control the many oxygen-related challenges and issues winemakers may face.

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