Nomacorc’s Value Series entry-level portfolio offers a range of closures that are ideal for quick-turn and entry-level wines. These closures provide more reliable, consistent oxygen management performance than low quality agglomerated, injection molded and mono-extruded closures, and represent a good value.

Like all Nomacorc products, these closures are easy to extract and eliminate the concerns of cork taint, leakage and breakage often experienced with bark closures.

Nomacorc_LightNomacorc Light

Ideal closure for affordable, quick-turn domestic wines. More details >>

 Artwork Resources

Custom artwork on closures can be essential for your wine’s packaging and cosmetics. For information on available colors and custom artwork, click here >>

Bottling Guidelines

Follow Nomacorc’s wine closures bottling guide and ensure trouble-free bottling with traditional corking equipment. Click here to review our bottling guide and bottle bore specifications >>