A superior solution for premium, boutique and luxury wines

Nomacorc’s global research programs have revealed that oxygen through the closure directly affects the chemical and sensory development of wine. Using this knowledge, Nomacorc developed a portfolio of closures, the Select® Series, which are winemaking tools engineered to provide specific solutions for the complex oxygen requirements in different wines.

Nomacorc Select® Bio Series


A sustainable solution for premium age-worthy wines and natural, organic and environmentally-minded wineries, Nomacorc is proud to introduce the world’s first zero carbon footprint wine closure, Select Bio.

Select Bio is made using renewable, plant-based biopolymers derived from sugar cane. Like all Nomacorc products, Select Bio corks are fully recyclable.



Learn about the magic behind Select ® Bio Plantcorc Technology.  Click on this image to watch the video. 

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Nomacorc Select® Series

Nomacorc’s Select Series is a collection of high-performance co-extruded wine 2.0closures designed to meet the needs of artisan winemakers and the unique wines they create. Integrating science and art, Select Series closures have a visual appearance and texture almost indistinguishable from natural cork.

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Which Select Series Closure is Best for Your Wine?

Certain wines need different levels of oxygen to breathe and develop. Combining research, winemaking conditions and consumption windows, Nomacorc’s NomaSelector software can determine which Select Series closure will help wine perform and deliver optimally. By choosing an oxygen ingress level with a Select Series closure, winemakers can shape how their wine tastes and smells when opened by the consumer.

To learn more about the NomaSelector, watch the video below:

From grape variety to winemaking conditions to storage, Nomacorc's NomaSelector tool uses a proprietary algorithm to guide winemakers in determining which Select Series will help their wine perform at its best.

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Artwork Resources

Custom artwork on closures can be essential for your wine’s packaging and cosmetics. For information on available colors and custom artwork, click here >>

Bottling Guidelines

Follow Nomacorc’s wine closures bottling guide and ensure trouble-free bottling with traditional corking equipment. Click here to review our bottling guide and bottle bore specifications >>