Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

From environmental footprint to economic performance to social impact, Vinventions’ annual Corporate Social Responsibility report helps us set benchmarks for improvement and externally communicate our sustainable progress to our stakeholders—2016 was another year of excellent progress.

Here are a few of our exciting highlights:

Sustainable Products and Ethical Conduct

  • In 2016, Nomacorc reduced its use of resin material by an additional 1% resulting in savings of more than 183,000 pounds (per million corcs) compared to 2015 in its facilities in U.S. and Belgium. The continued reduction in our material usage is primarily attributable to efforts to reduce the amount of scrap produced.
  • Last year, we converted an additional 7% of raw materials to plant-based materials with the launch of the Nomacorc Green Line in late September 2016.
  • Our overall electricity consumption in the U.S. decreased by an additional 2% in 2016.

Product Quality and Customer Service

  • We achieved this at a further improved on-time delivery rate of 99.2%.
  • In 2016, Vinventions improved our average order lead time again as we move close to achieving our goal of a 5-day lead time at all facilities.

Motivated and Safe Employees

  • Employees donated over 1,000 hours to more than 55 organizations in 2016.
  • For the tenthyear in a row, Nomacorc proudly received the Gold Award from the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL)’s Safety Award Program.

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