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Wine Oxygen Management…Protect Your Wine with Nomacorc Wine Closures

From the time the harvest begins each season, until the consumer experiences the wine resulting from that perfect blend of sunlight, soil, and aging, oxygen plays a critical role in the development of each previous vintage. But, this extreme care and attention to detail applied during the vinification process can be destroyed by improper control of oxygen, particularly during and after bottling, and by inappropriate selection of the wine closure that protects and preserves the wine.

Wine fault data compiled by the International Wine Challenge confirms that 6% of all wines are negatively impacted by wine faults. More than 50% of these faults, primarily oxidation (when wine is exposed to too much oxygen) and reduction (when wine does not receive enough oxygen) are related to oxygen mis-management.

At Nomacorc we believe strongly that the combination of oxygen management throughout the winemaking process and wine closure selection are essential to the optimal development of a wine’s aroma, flavor, structure, and color.

Our wine closures are designed to provide superior oxygen management compared to natural corks, technical corks, agglomerated corks, and plastic corks because of our patented co-extrusion manufacturing process that produces wine closures that are highly consistent, allowing the desired amount of oxygen to reach the wine.