How are Nomacorc closures made?

Nomacorc uses a patented co-extrusion manufacturing process that consists of two stages:

  • First, raw materials are mixed, melted, and extruded to create a long, foamed cylinder, forming the closure’s core allowing each closure to be precisely consistent.
  • Then a second extrusion process applies a flexible outer skin, which is thermally bonded to the inner cylinder. The shape is stabilized in cooling water before our high-speed cutting operation cuts the closures to the proper length. No glue is ever used in the manufacture of Nomacorc products.

Global Operational Excellence

Nomacorc is committed to research, innovation, performance excellence and continuous improvement. As a company, we strive for operational superiority to produce quality closures in a smart, efficient way.


Nomacorc uses a proactive quality system that identifies potential problems before they occur and then continually improves its processes and products. All raw materials used in our products are fully compliant with international food-contact regulations and we are certified by the leading international quality programs.

“Nomacorc’s comprehensive Lean Sigma program clearly differentiates the company from others we have seen.”
– Kenneth Lim, research and product director, Operations Leadership Exchange.

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