Must and wine polyphenols content management

The NomaSense PolyScan P200 is the first analyzer to measure in real-time the must or wine polyphenol content at different winemaking stages. The method is simple, direct and rapid: A sample is dripped without any preparation on disposable electrodes. Results are displayed on the analyzer’s touchscreen after a few seconds in the form of indexes—EasyOx and PhenOx—indicating, respectively, the easily oxidizable polyphenols and total polyphenols levels. These indexes allow the winemaker to manage critical elaboration phases such as pressing or fermentative skin contact based on objective measurements of the quality of musts and wines.



  • Technology based on linear sweep voltammetry
  • Disposable electrode, specific to the wine oxidizable compounds
  • Measurement choice according to the winemaking step
  • Real-time results displayed as EasyOx and PhenOx indexes
  • Direct displayed indexes monitoring during the process facilitating decision making
  • Reference index values provided by grape variety when permitted by the database (based on thousands of measurements performed since 2015)
  • Automatic data transfer via Wi-Fi to a web interface for backup
  • Secure and personal access to the interface data


  • Phenolic profile monitoring before harvest
  • White and rosé pre-fermentation management:
    • Separation of press fractions
    • Blending of juices according to their quality
    • Selection of process and monitoring of process efficiency (fining, oxygenation, oxygen protection)
  • Phenolic extraction during skin contact, racking management
  • Monitoring of the antioxidant profile evolution during barrel aging or micro-oxygenation


  • Easy to use: portable, touch screen, no electrode cleaning, no calibration, no sample preparation
  • Easy and immediate decision-making thanks to the real-time result to adapt the technical choices according to the must and wine composition


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