The NomaSense PolyScan B200 is the first analyzer that lets you measure all of the oxidizable components of a wine, including in particular, polyphenols. These components play a key role in every stage of the winemaking process, from vineyard selection to ageing potential and overall quality of a wine. By “scanning” all of the oxidizable components in the sample, the NomaSense PolyScan B200 lets anybody assess the phenolic profile of grapes and wines simply and quickly. The measurements are taken in a matter of seconds in the winery, using single use electrodes, avoiding any measurement bias from one sample to the next. The data obtained is processed in a matter of minutes via an online interface so you can view indices and analytical parameters related to the phenolic composition of your samples. This approach gives winemakers a tool to make decisions more easily and help with every stage of the winemaking process.


  • Technology based on voltammetry
  • Single-use sensors to avoid any bias caused by previous analyses
  • Specific response to wine phenolic components
  • No need for sample preparation
  • No calibration required
  • Measurement taken directly in the winery in 30 seconds
  • Data analysis via an easy-to-use online interface (NomaScan Interface)
  • Different parameters measured depending on the stage of the winemaking process:
    • EasyOx (easily oxidizable components)
    • PhenOx (total polyphenols)
    • TannOx (grape oxidizable tannins)


  • Grape quality assessment and parcel characterization
  • Decision-making in the winery:
    • Defining winemaking needs according to grape composition
    • Optimizing production of “natural” wines
    • Monitoring evolution of unwanted oxidizable polyphenols during must preparation
    • Monitoring extraction of polyphenols in the pre-fermentation phase, during pressing and during red wine fermentation
    • Monitoring development of the antioxidant profile during ageing in the barrel or micro-oxygenation
  • Assessment of winemaking products and their efficacy
  • Phenolic content of wood products for winemaking
  • Performance of additives and optimization of the amounts needed


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