The Inline Tool is a stainless steel adaptor equipped with two specific locations to respectively insert the optical fiber and the temperature probe while oxygen is measured during a wine transfer. This adaptor is made on demand and can be designed in any diameter required (40, 50, 70 mm…).

The location to insert the optical fiber is connected to a removable oxygen PSt3 sensor of 10mm diameter, provided with the Inline Tool. A screw part allows maintaining the sensor in contact with the inner wall of the adaptor while ensuring the tightness of the system.

The adaptor has also a stainless steel sleeve to insert the temperature probe.

This tool is ideal for all transfer operations, racking, filtration, cold stabilization, barrel filling, fining, etc., by connecting the unit at the outlet of the tank or the operation in order to measure dissolved oxygen amount in the transferred wine. Checking the level of inert gas in the wine transfer circuit is also possible through the measurement of oxygen in gas phase.

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