First focusing on better understanding oxygen’s influence on wine quality, Vinventions’ Enology Team has also conducted thorough studies on critical wine quality parameters in order to identify wine quality improvement strategies. Improving wine quality can be defined as eliminating fault and achieving winemaker intention in a consistent manner to ensure consumer enjoyment.

Following the same philosophy as Vinventions’ tools and analyzers, our Enology Team focuses on the development of innovative devices and services to help improve wine quality management from Wine Quality Solutions.

Wine Quality Solutions by Vinventions combines a range of analyzers (NomaSense) and enology services to provide winemakers with means to achieve intended styles as well as optimum quality and consistent wine development.

  • NomaSenseTM analyzers – Used in wineries to monitor wine evolution, audit specific steps of the winemaking process or provide real-time analytical results within a matter of seconds.
  • NomaServices – A range of services to assist wineries in upgrading their Quality Control systems, investing process improvement, benchmarking their wines and defining new wine styles.


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