Wine color, aroma, and mouthfeel are critical to a consumer’s enjoyment of wine. From grape harvest to bottle opening, the management of these characteristics is at the heart of modern winemaking. Through its extensive research program, Vinventions has developed a better understanding of the importance of oxygen and its role in modulating color, aroma and mouthfeel.

Oxygen can play a pivotal role in shaping wine’s sensory profile and also has the potential to make or break a wine. Proper oxygen management strategies are essential in helping winemakers deliver the best possible wine, and therefore require certain tools to measure and control oxygen. As a result, Nomacorc introduced its NomaSense™ oxygen analyzers, for the first time, allowing accurate measurement of the total amount of oxygen present in a bottle or picked up during any step of the winemaking process. The full NomaSense analyzer line, along with our enology tools and services, is now a part of the Wine Quality Solutions brand of Vinventions.

Today, Vinventions has created a series of closures, the Nomacorc Green Line, which are precise, highly-technical winemaking tools that have oxygen ingress characteristics tailored to the needs of different wine styles. As such, selecting a closure with the adequate oxygen exposure in the bottle decreases the risk of reduction or premature oxidation, allowing optimal expression of the wine’s characteristics.

Managing Oxygen in Wine – A Tutorial:

Why does managing oxygen in wine matter? From aroma and flavor development to wine faults to bottle-to-bottle consistency, oxygen plays a critical role in winemaking and post-bottle development. This video showcases the importance of controlling oxygen exposure via the closure and during the bottling process.

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