Color extraction during winemaking, color stabilization during aging and color evolution during bottle aging are of primary importance for winemakers. In the modern wine industry, color can become a signature of some wines. For example, in the case of rosé wines, color is a primary quality attribute and can drive consumer purchasing decisions. Wine color is measured either through spectrophotometry (Color Intensity and Hue) or by colorimetry (L, a*, b* coordinates) in laboratories. Samples are collected in the wineries and are then brought or sent to the laboratory to get color readings. In the case of spectrophotometry, the analysis might require a sample preparation step to eliminate solid particles.

Based on reflectance technology, the hand-held colorimeter NomaSense Color P100 has been developed to measure L a*b* coordinates in the winery. Color readings can be taken without any sample preparation even on cloudy samples, allowing for an immediate decision.


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NomaSense Color P100 is a portable analyzer operating on rechargeable batteries that can be easily carried around in the winery. Equipped with a 0.5 cm cell, the NomaSense Color P100 measures CIELab coordinates, an internationally-recognized color unit system allowing for non-ambiguous color description. Extensive validation work by the Vinventions Enology Team confirmed that this instrument provides a suitable alternative to CIElab coordinates calculated (as recommended in the OIV protocol) from the full visible spectrum obtained from a conventional spectrophotometer. The NomaSense Color P100 can also compare the sample color to a target color stored in the device’s memory, allowing rapid evaluation of wine color in comparison to specific color target. With up to 20 reference colors stored, this instrument can be used to implement wine color management procedures across the winery. Its user-friendly embedded calibration patch makes the NomaSense Color P100 a must in terms of ease-of-use in the lab and in the winery.


  • Monitors color extraction during cold soak maceration, hot soak maceration, fermentations or any other red wine extraction techniques.
  • Monitors color stabilization during ageing process (barrels, micro-oxygenation).
  • Monitors grape skin contact soaks for white wine productions.
  • Evaluates browning development in accelerated ageing tests.
  • Monitors rosé color extraction.
  • Measures color during blending preparation sessions.
  • Defines unambiguously wine color in the frame of agreement between wine producers and wine buyers (e.g. negociants, retailers).

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