Nomacorc has a long history of closure development based on engineered and consistent oxygen permeability. We were the first to pioneer the concept of wine closure Oxygen Transfer Rates (OTR) through our portfolio of co-extruded inner-seal closures. Since then, we’ve remained at the forefront of scientific research on the influence of closure on wine development. Through continuous advances in this field, Nomacorc redefined the concept of oxygen permeability of wine closures by further investigating and separating the outgassing phase of the closure oxygen from the pure OTR. This development led us to recognize that the actual oxygen ingress in a sealed bottle is the sum of these two physical phenomena.

Nomacorc’s closure portfolio is based on our ability to offer closures with defined out-gassing and OTR, providing the ultimate tool to control post-bottling oxygen ingress.


Nomacorc’s Enology Team developed an alternative method to the Mocon Oxtrans method to allow faster, reliable oxygen ingress measurement. While the Mocon Oxtrans method is designed only for OTR measurement, our alternative method, based on the NomaSense oxygen analyzers, allows the measurement of both outgassing and OTR; therefore providing a precise evaluation of the oxygen ingress of different closures. It can also be applied to natural corks and cork-based closures as well as mono- and co-extruded wine closures.

Measurement includes:

  • Oxygen ingress characteristics of your wine closures
    • Closure oxygen ingress
    • Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR)
    • Oxygen ingress and OTR consistency


The wine closure oxygen ingress measurement gives wineries and bottlers the possibility to assess for the true performance of their closures and provide them with:

  • Accurate measurement of the oxygen ingress.
  • Thorough identification of bottle gas leakage due to faulty closure seals.
  • Oxygen ingress consistency to assess closure to closure and batch to batch variation.
  • In the case of Nomacorc Select Series® closures, the possibility to estimate the free SO2 evolution in the corresponding bottles.

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