First developed as a research tool to understand the influence of closure ingress on wine development, the NomaSense oxygen analyzer proved to be a valuable tool to assess bottling line performances with respect to oxygen uptake.

Using this analyzer, our Enology Team has developed a strong expertise on how to audit bottling lines of different sizes and types.


Auditing services can be customized depending on individual needs.

Options can include

  • Total Package Oxygen (TPO) measurement
  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO) measurement in tanks
  • DO measurement in transfer pipes
  • DO and Headspace Oxygen (HSO) in bottles at various time points during the bottling process
  • DO and HSO in bottles to assess filling and corking/screwing heads consistency


Each bottling audit has to be defined in agreement with the winery staff in order to identify critical steps in terms of oxygen pick-up and potential improvements.

Performing bottling audits provides the wineries or bottling facilities with:

  • A better understanding of critical oxygen pick-up steps
  • The possibility to put in place proper inerting procedures
  • The possibility to decrease bottle to bottle variation due to the bottling process
  • The extension of wine shelf-life by reducing the Total Package Oxygen to a minimum

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