Disrupting the status quo at the DWCC’s Disrupt Talks: Part II

Last month, we featured the first three Disrupt Talk presentations from this year’s Digital Wine Communications Conference (DWCC), a global conference that brings together wine writers and influencers to share their ideas and insights on the industry.

This past year, Nomacorc sponsored the Disrupt Talks, featuring a series of speakers who were invited to share their unique perspectives (in just eight minutes!) to encourage the audience to think differently—effectively “disrupting” the traditional way of looking at things. With varying backgrounds and stories to tell, this year’s speakers did not disappoint.

In the last post, we showed talks from Judith Lewis (on chocolate), Bela Szabo (on marketing and brand building) and Simon Woolf (on the importance of standing out). Below, you’ll find the last three speakers, who offer some valuable insight on industry participation and communication, lightening up the wine industry with humor and finding your passion to create a purpose.

We’re proud to have been able to work with the DWCC to bring all six speakers’ stories to the stage. They all offered strong words and powerful insight that helped not only the audience, but hopefully anyone who listens to their words, disrupt the way they’ve looked at things so that new perspectives can enable you to grow. Enjoy!

1-7-16_MyersKatie Myers: Communications

When entering a complex and community-centric industry like wine, it’s vital to dive right in. Katie Myers talks about her experiences, the importance of communication and why she’s an advocate for the industry.

Richard Hemming: Humor

1-7-16_HemmingRichard Hemming, MW, thinks the wine industry is lacking—and in desperate need of—humor, and feels strongly that its integration into the ways we write and talk about wine are necessary, in order to make it more accessible to the general wine consumer. He encourages us to change the stern perception of wine by not taking it, and ourselves, too seriously.

Chris Hendricks: Purpose

1-7-16_HendricksChris Hendricks is a musician, in addition to being an activist for helping bullied youth, and has created his life’s purpose out of his passions. Although not in the wine industry, he inspires others to apply the same passion and creativity that he has to whatever it is that they do—just imagine the things that could be accomplished.

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