Disrupting the status quo at the DWCC: Disrupt Talks Part 1

With eight minutes, a mic, and a captive wine audience, what would you say about disrupting the wine world? That is exactly what six speakers were asked to do at this year’s Disrupt Talks, as part of the Eighth Annual Digital Wine Communications Conference, or DWCC.

Every year, the DWCC (previously the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference) brings together prominent wine writers, industry professionals and passionate wine lovers for a multi-day event to share ideas and broaden the wine culture. This year’s conference was held in Bulgaria, a country that is not often showcased for its wine regions, but produces some fantastic wines that are very worth exploring.

The goals of the short “Disrupt Talks” are to encourage the audience to think differently, to hear others’ perspectives, and to “disrupt” the way they have traditionally approached ideas. The speakers come from widely varying backgrounds, and not all are in the wine industry, but they all have a very distinct voice to contribute.

After the first installment of the DWCC Disrupt Talks last year, we knew this session was a perfect fit for Nomacorc, which is why we decided to be this year’s sponsor. Disrupting and innovating are what we do and who we are—we disrupted this very industry when we introduced an engineered closure to the wine world years ago. We were proud to be able to contribute to the DWCC Disrupt Talks in such an impactful way.

This year, the “disruptors” were all asked to think about the same word—“blend”—and expand upon that, depending upon their background, and incorporate it into their eight-minute presentation. No two talks were the same. In fact, the subjects varied from chocolate, to humor, to marketing.

Check out three of the six talks below and let them disrupt the way you look at things. Cheers!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.46.57 AMJudith Lewis: Chocolate

Can you detect all the flavors in your chocolate bar? Do you even know where your chocolate comes from? Judith Lewis sheds some light on the blending of flavors and similarities between the way we think about chocolate and wine.


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.48.44 AMBela Szabo: Marketing

What is the value of a brand? Are they necessary for your wine? Bela Szabo talks about the importance of brand building framework when the product doesn’t “sell itself.”



Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.52.39 AMSimon Woolf: Natural

Is it better to blend in, or stand out? Simon Woolf makes the case for being bold and going against the norm, and why that’s important for growth and advancement.




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