Happy Anniversary, Nomacorc Blog!

We are on a mission. An educational mission. Our goal is to help winemakers and marketing professionals build their brands and grow their business.

One year ago we launched this digital platform with the aim of serving up fresh insights and innovative ideas to the global winemaking community. Editorially, the goal was to offer new and relevant content on topics ranging from technical winemaking and oxygen management to marketing and social media. The blog has proven to be a perfect platform—and we get to do it in six languages!

10-15_WineWritingFrom the beginning, our team knew we needed to find expert journalists to fill these pages—master storytellers who could help us communicate about both technical and industry trends. We’ve been fortunate to build a cadre of superb wine writers in support of that mission: Rémy Charest, Meg Houston Maker, Michelle Locke, Taylor Eason, Simon Woolf, Thea Dwelle, Amy Bess Cook, Ben Carter, Luke Whittall, Whitney Rigsbee, and Katie Myers. Each writer brings unique expertise and adds a new dimension to the profile of the blog.

We’ve now published nearly seventy stories, and can report that our editorial strategy balancing technical with marketing content seems to be paying off. Below are a few of our top stories—proving that we’ve nailed the blend:

The response to the blog from the wine community has exceeded expectations. Our articles are routinely circulated by the wine industry dailies, including WineBusiness.com, Wine Industry Insight, and Wine Industry Network. More significantly, our readership has grown to three thousand global readers who represent both technical and marketing sides of the industry.

As we continue to expand our coverage, our promise remains the same: to be a source of valuable information on a range of topics to support the global wine community. We’re the only closure company with a content marketing strategy like this, and are committed to continuing to offer this free content to deliver value to our customers, friends, and partners.

Photos courtesy of DianeCapri.com and Le Caves de Pyrene.

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