“How It’s Made” Gets Made

In May 2014, Nomacorc founder Gert Noël’s vision was featured on Discovery’s hit T.V. show How It’s Made—and the hard work of many Nomacorc employees came to life.

From baseballs to bicycle seats, How It’s Made takes an in-depth look into how common, everyday items are manufactured, particularly those made using innovative technologies. In the world of food and beverage, packaging items like wine corks are often overlooked, so we thought an appearance on How It’s Made might be an opportunity to educate consumers on what it takes to make these tiny yet critical winemaking tools.

Our journey onto national T.V. screens was impressively difficult—and was over a year in the making. According to the show’s regulations, only one product from any given category can be featured on the series. In February of 2013, we pitched our patented co-extrusion process for wine corks to the show’s production team. Two weeks and an extensive application process later, we received a phone call from the company’s research director, Robert Morselli. He was impressed with our application and wanted to film at our facility the following month. Nomacorc was to be the first wine closure company ever highlighted.

So, early one May morning, we greeted a four-person film crew at our headquarters in Zebulon, North Carolina. After suiting up in our required GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) attire, we did a quick walk-through of the facility to plan the shoot. The director particularly wanted to focus on our co-extrusion process and quality control programs, as these two areas are essential to the “DNA” of our closures.

For nearly 15 hours, the team worked to capture our technology and manufacturing HowItsMade_Support1methods. Although I’d worked on video projects before, I was impressed with the crew’s attention to detail and ability to capture the unique stages of our co-extrusion process on film. They didn’t do it alone, though; many members of the Nomacorc team jumped in to ensure the crew had the best possible experience, and to provide an accurate representation of the facility, from modeling to stage management to safety.

Over the next nine months, the Discovery team worked with us to edit the film and develop a script that fully explained the production process. Finally, on Thursday, May 15, 2014, millions of Americans were able to watch Nomacorc closures being made—a combination of great technology, great teamwork, and one Belgian entrepreneur’s quest for the perfect wine closure.

Missed the show? Click here to watch the Nomacorc segment on How It’s Made.

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