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In a noisy content landscape, why start another wine blog?

The best blogs have a point of view. They’re written by people who believe in cheap jerseys something, who have something to say.

The best corporate blogs aren’t about flogging a product. Nobody wants to read a long-form advertisement—much less post a comment.

Nomacorc’s blog is, we hope, a little different from standard corporate fare. That’s because we’re interested in the same things you are—winemaking, wine marketing, wine science and technology.

And like you, we love to learn. If we don’t find an article engaging, provocative, Authentic and intriguing, you won’t, either. Why write an article nobody wants to read?

So, Nomacorc’s new blog presents industry thought leadership with p? two goals in mind: to enlighten, and to foster discussion. Sure, we’ve tapped into our deep well of in-house experts—we’ve learned a few things about wine science in our fifteen years in the cheap mlb jerseys business, and we do want to share what we know.

But we’ve also assembled a stable of professional freelance writers who gather insights der from outside experts, those technologists, researchers, winemakers, wine marketers, and other industry specialists who give voice to the issues, put a human face on them, and invite lively dialogue.

Expect stories these topics—and more:

  • Wine science—Nomacorc’s been a pioneer in oxygen management research, and we feature key insights from our scientists plus others in this rapidly evolving field.
  • Wine technologies—What can we say? We’re geeky about technical innovations in bottling, handling, storage, and in any techniques that get the highest quality product into the customer’s hands.
  • Wine business—We’ve all witnessed the recent explosive growth in wine business strategies and tactics, from social media marketing to flash sales, wine in keg to big-bottle glass pours. We shine a light on key trends shaping our industry.
  • Winemaking—We’re fortunate to work with many talented winemakers from around the world, women and men who share their insights about winemaking, wine growing, wine packaging—even their favorite bottle for a Tuesday night.

This blog is by Nomacorc, but it’s bigger than Nomacorc. We’re thrilled to have seasoned writer and editor Meg Houston Maker as our Bran?a editorial consultant and regular posts from talented writers including Rémy Charest, Michelle Locke, and Ben Carter, plus myriad other contributors.

This forum involves you, too. We hope you’ll リニューアルHPの打ち合わせ中! become part wholesale jerseys China of the conversation by posting a comment or simply dropping us a line with your topics or suggestions.

Happy reading,
The Nomacorc Team


  1. So glad to see the blog – and the new site – up and running, and happy to be working along such a great bunch of writers, as well as with the enology team on the more technical side of this blog.

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