Dissolved CO2 (carbon dioxide) plays a very important role in the flavor balance of still wines, and helps regulate their sensory profile. It is therefore important to manage this factor throughout the winemaking process to guarantee an adequate concentration in the end product. Carbon dioxide levels in wines are generally monitored using the “Carbodoser,” the most common technique in cellars. Although it’s easy to use, the values measured are not very accurate or repeatable. To obtain more reliable values, at the moment the only option is to measure CO2 concentrations in a laboratory. Compared to other methods used, the NomaSense CO2 P2000 combines ease of use, accuracy of measurements and real-time results, which is essential for making decisions straight away.


  • Technology based on the absorption of nondispersive infrared (NDIR) radiation by CO2 gas
  • The dissolved CO2 in the wine is measured as a gas in the headspace with a specifically selected recipient, after the different phases have been equilibrated
  • The result is given in a few seconds once this process has been completed
  • CO2 is measured between 50 and 2500 mg/L at 20°C
  • 6 temperatures from 0 to 25°C by 5°C step
  • Reproducibility: 50 mg/L under 1 g/L, 100 mg/L onwards
  • Easy to use
  • Maintenance and calibration required once a year



  • Measurement of dissolved CO2 in wine
  • Identification of the critical stages of CO2 loss
  • Establishment of effective inerting systems
  • Regular checks of the performance of inerting systems in place
  • Adjustment of CO2 amounts before bottling depending on the profile of the wine
  • Confirmation that CO2 concentration have been maintained when the wine is transported or during the bottling process


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