• Superior oxygen control
  • Virtually indistinguishable
    from natural cork
  • End - printing
The Preservation of Perfection.

At Nomacorc, we go to great lengths to create the world's best wine closures. Closures that allow winemakers to rest assured that the wine they pour their heart and soul into will be enjoyed exactly the way it was intended.

Global Operational Excellence

Perception vs. Reality. What do consumers think?

global operational excellence
NomaSense Oxygen Management
Tour Nomacorc’s global operations and learn how Nomacorc closures are made.
Learn about the new NomaSense non-invasive oxygen measurement equipment designed for use throughout the winemaking process.
When asked about a closure's role, the vast majority of wine consumers (92%), indicate that their main concern is making sure the wine is protected... See more..

Wine Closures by Nomacorc - The Symbol of Assurance

From the day the vineyard is planted to the moment the precious wine bottles leave the winery on their way to consumers around the world, every nuance of winemaking is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

At Nomacorc we go to equal lengths to provide winemakers with a range of superior wine corks and oxygen analyzers that allow improved control of wine preservation and development.

Our innovative manufacturing technologies create co-extruded synthetic wine closures that are more consistent than any other type of cork or cap, resulting in superior oxygen management from the time the wine is bottled until it is enjoyed by the consumer.

The ongoing Nomacorc oxygen management research program and NomaSense oxygen analyzer system are providing winemakers with improved understanding and control of post-bottling wine development.

We believe that this integration of innovation and science into the art and tradition of winemaking will allow winemakers greater peace of mind that their wines will be enjoyed exactly as they intended.